Monday, January 7, 2008

Week 5: Watching a User in Bugzilla

Starting from December 11, 2007 to December 18, 2007, I set my Bugzilla@Mozilla account to watch Myk Melez, a staff member. It appears that Myk is mainly involved with the following Mozilla Products: Toolkit, Firefox, Bugzilla,, and Core. Although Myk was only assigned to six out of the 45 bugs that I observed, he was heavily involved with several bugs for many different Mozilla product components as summarized below.

Toolkit: XUL Widgets, Storage

Firefox: Bookmarks, Preferences, General, File Handling, Places, Location Bar and Autocomplete, Phishing Protection, Password Manager, OS Integration, Session Restore, RSS Discovery and Preview, Page Info, Microsummaries

Bugzilla: User Interface, Administration, Query/Bug List

Core: Embedding: Docshell, SVG, Editor, GFX, Layout, Build Config, Plug-ins, Widget: Gtk, Networking: Cookies Developer Pages

Based on my observations during the time period mentioned above, I noted that Myk was assigned to the following bugs:

Bug 406697 – Can't load the correct bookmark in sidebar after opened another page in it.
Bug 407910 – clear site-specific preferences when clearing browser history
Bug 395638 – don't provide sorting options in Applications prefpane
Bug 395637 – sort alphabetically, but with common types on top, in Applications prefpane
Bug 408389 – Live Titles don't have selection
Bug 403565 – Old page gets resized when browsing to a new one

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